Photography is a beautiful form of art for those who take the time to create stunning images. You may wonder to yourself if you could ever get paid to take photos. With the right skill set, anyone can make money from their own images. There are simple ways to make money while creating art and have fun while doing it.


Stock Photos

A simple way to get paid for your photography would be to sell your work to stock image sites. There are multiple sites like Flickr or Shutterstock that you can sell your extra or left over pictures to for other online users to pay for. You can also sell your photos to microstock sites that will sell your photos to internet users who like your photo for about $1 per digital image.



Photoshoots tend to make more money than selling your photos to an online photo company. High school senior photos, fashion, maternity, and even engagement shoots can be quite lucrative if you find the right clientele. Headshots are also a quick way to make quick cash from your camera. Photoshoots can be a lot of fun for not only you but also for your subject. The more professional and fun the shoot is, the more money you will make with better photographs.

Freelance photography is a great way to build up a stable income by creating relationships with multiple clients. Another benefit that comes of photoshoots is word-of-mouth referrals.


Sell Them to Galleries

If you find that your photos have a certain “fine art” flare to them, try getting them displayed in local galleries. This allows you to display your art in the best way possible and some galleries have a certain expected price of products which can help your wallet too! Most gallery customers are willing to pay high prices for quality art.

Some galleries do take a certain percentage of your work sold but you can negotiate prices once you have a relationship with the owner.


Freelance for Businesses

Business need photographers to maintain their relevancy online or even to photograph their products. Real estate companies need photos of their properties they need to sell. Any business that wants a well-rounded website or Facebook for potential customers to find.
Photography is a great way to make income from your passion. Find an avenue in which you can make money from art!