Jutta Curatolo

Jutta Curatolo has over ten years of experience volunteering and serving others. Through her volunteer work, Jutta provides tools, relationships, and resources necessary to help empower individuals and enable them to regain control of their current situations. As a result, Jutta is an advocate of empowerment, actively working toward dispelling stigmas and encouraging autonomy.

Currently serving as a peer mentor at Turning Point, Jutta Curatolo assists the organization in providing support services to individuals across the United Kingdom who are affected by mental health problems, learning disabilities, drug and alcohol misuse, and unemployment. By engaging patients suffering from major mental health illnesses in activities such as gardening and painting, Jutta ensures her patients have access to creative outlets and are able to cultivate relationships with staff and other patients. This not only provides patients with a positive support system, but also strategies for coping with and overcoming their mental health ailments. As an advocate of mental health awareness, Jutta works toward dispelling stigmas, actively exploring the prevalence of mental health illnesses in society and working to create an open dialogue in support of those battling with extreme illnesses.

In addition to her work at Turning Point, Jutta Curatolo has become involved in Street Engagement Unit. This effort hinges on fostering relationships with homeless individuals and assisting them in finding appropriate care and housing. With this effort, Jutta provides guidance, support, and other resources to homeless individuals, helping them find sustainable routes off of the streets. With the services she provides, Jutta is able to empower those who are homeless, helping them become autonomous individuals capable of regaining control of their situations and shaping their future experiences.

Jutta Curatolo recognizes the importance of women in communities, and as a result, is also a strong advocate of women empowerment. While women empowerment often takes on different meanings, Jutta champions acceptance, autonomy, opportunity, and equality. Through Jutta’s work, she often encounters women battling homelessness, mental ailments, and drug or alcohol misuse. She works to provide women and all people the support and resources necessary for them to take charge of their lives and to actively participate in society. Helping empower others creates a ripple of change she believes is integral to society.

Previous Photography Blog: Jutta Curatolo believes that photography has the ability to depict the truest value of memories.

Jutta has long felt that by capturing those compelling moments in photographs, you’re able to gain an entirely different perspective on that memory, and the value of which it holds to you. It was through these realizations that Jutta Curatolo acknowledged how fond she was of photography.

Over the years, Jutta has found that for her, photographs have become an outlet which she uses to look back on memories and grow fonder of times shared with others. Jutta considers photography to be the best way to preserve the story of her life.

Another aspect of photography that Jutta appreciates most is its ability to universally inflict emotion. Despite language or cultural differences, a photograph has the ability to speak to any individual. Over the years, Jutta has found that photography is often the best way for people to express themselves, herself included. Photos often convey an artist’s perspective on their surroundings and best depict their feelings in that moment.

As an avid traveler, Jutta Curatolo has also used photography to capture some of the unique experiences she’s had across countries and continents. Her photos allow her to savor her adventures and relive those moments time and time again.

Jutta Curatolo chose to start this blog so that she may share her passion for photography with others.  No matter how experienced you may be, or what camera you use, photography is a creative outlet for everyone! For Jutta, photography comes down to expression, not perfection. She loves to get creative and work with colors that manipulate the aesthetics of photos. At the end of the day, it’s all about capturing beauty in whatever way feels best to you.

Jutta looks to photography as a canvas of expression, which she uses to influence and inspire those around her. She hopes that others finds her work, along with her influences, both captivating and inspiring. Follow Jutta as she captures her life’s experiences from behind the lense and beyond.