Women in the workplace continue to face everyday obstacles and critiques that are not granted to their male counterparts. Things like sexual harassment, lower wages and unfriendly and unwelcoming work places have plagued work spaces, and have turned women off from pursuing higher deserving positions or speaking up for themselves. Both men and women have the duty to protect each other in these situations to make work a better environment for both. Here are some ways to help women in the workplace that will make the overall atmosphere a better place to be.

Treat women as people

Women in the work world deserve the same respect as any man. They are not hired to run errands and sit like a fly on the wall. They are just as capable at the job as their male counterparts and if they are overqualified suggest they apply for a higher position. Constantly comparing them to their male coworkers does nothing for the job, and takes away from what needs to be done in the position, which takes away from the success of the company. Focus more on the abilities that they have to do their job as a person, and not as a woman.

Speak up for yourself

As a woman, you should not be afraid to speak up for yourself whether it is a room off all men or all women. If you do not advocate for yourself, who will? If you feel like you aren’t getting paid enough, it is up to you to speak up. Standing up for yourself will not only benefit you, but the women in the position that come behind you.

Give credit where credit is due

When someone comes up with an idea, make sure that you give credit to that person when repeating it. Many times in workplaces, a woman will come up with something and a man will take credit for it; getting the recognition that his female coworker deserved. Let people in power know when a women came up with something, and do not take credit for it just because she told you first.

Hire and promote women

Women are just as capable at succeeding in higher level positions as their male counterparts. Hiring women into companies and promoting them within proves that you do not need to be a man to be in charge, and you are able to do the exact job as anyone else. This will boost the overall moral of the workplace.

There are many other ways to make a work environment not only professional but enjoyable for everyone. These tips will allow women in the future to be respected in their positions and create a culture for everyone to succeed in whether you’re male or female.