• Denali in Alaska

A national park surrounds Denali (or Mt. McKinley); the highest mountain in the entirety of North America at 20,310 feet above sea level. The mountain itself is snowcapped year-round and provides a glorious backdrop to the beauty of the national park and any photos taken there. Visitors frequent the area, especially during the warmer summer months, but plenty of people also enjoy heading to Denali for skiing, snowboarding, and dogsled races. During the spring, flowers begin to bloom through the snow, offering a true testament to nature’s beauty.


  • Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

Horseshoe Bend is a section of the Colorado River that bends back around, also known as a meander. There are various minerals embedded in the walls of the bend, such as platinum and garnet. A road branching off of U.S. Route 89 allows people to view the bend from the cliffs above, which is the perfect location for a fabulous shot! A little further down the river is the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which also houses the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.


  • Chincoteague Island in Virginia

Settlers first came to the island in the mid-1600s. Since then, a small town has developed on the island and is a popular vacation spot. One of the highlights are the gorgeous wild horses, known as the Chincoteague Ponies, that run around Chincoteague and the neighboring islands. There are also wonderful beaches where pictures can be taken of the sunset, along with lots of interesting wildlife!


  • Portland Head Light in Maine

This historic lighthouse sits on an outcropping of land at the entrance to the Portland Harbor. It was finished in 1791, which makes it the oldest lighthouse in the entire state of Maine. Today, the light station is automatic, while the U.S. Coast Guard manages the tower, beacon, and foghorn. The construction was ordered by George Washington himself!


  • Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota

The falls are located within Minnehaha Park, which is a park inside the city of Minneapolis. There are various historic sites here, such as the John H. Stevens House and the Longfellow House. There’s also a Victorian train depot that was built sometime during the 1870s. The Minnehaha Falls are considered the main feature of the park and have been an allure for photographers since the 1800s.


  • Crater Lake in Oregon

Crater Lake National Park is located in the south-central part of the state. It sits on the Pacific Crest Trail, so hikers frequently stumble upon it. It formed from the remains of Mount Mazama after it collapsed. The lake is best known for its deep blue color and stunning water clarity, which will look brilliant in photos. A fun piece of information about the lake is “The Old Man of the Lake,” which is a tree that has slowly been decaying for years. The low temperature of the water has drastically slowed down the decomposition of the tree.