Food photography can be seen as fine art in a gallery or home and is mostly driven by the advertising industry. Fast food, in particular, is on top of the food photography game. There many tips and tricks to create the best food photography images. The camera, lens, lighting, and product all play a part in creating the best images of food.


#5 – Lighting

Lighting can make or break a polished image of a given food product. Use a window or one large rectangular softbox for lighting for the best possible photo. When most people eat food at a table, it is a room lit by one large window. This is the lighting environment where most people see their food and feel comfortable when they see it in this light. The softness and direction allow for bold lighting on any type of food.


#4 – Style

In a given image, a sense of style and composition can give it the fullness that the consumer wants to see. A basic image of the food may be what the client is looking for but give them options. Play with angles and use some of the ingredients used in the dish around the actual product. Use lettuce and other greens to help fill the empty space. If you are looking for that “fresh” imagery, get a water bottle and give a light spritz to make those vegetable look as fresh as possible. Even hiring a food stylist to ensure that the image is as clean as possible can really set your photography above the rest.


#3 – Shots

It is important to also put the product in various scenarios. Photograph the journey of the food. Take photos of the ingredients being prepared, the food being cooked, the food finished, the food being served, and maybe even someone taking the first bite. It shows that the food has a sense of relatability.


#2 – Clean

Food and all of its ingredients can be messy so it is important to keep the set, plates, and food clean! Every drip of ketchup must be specifically placed to give a sense of precision and expertise to the food. This is how the food is made marketable to consumers.


#1 – Audience

Show as many human elements throughout the shoot. Whether it is a beautiful hand cooking the food or someone eating the final product, it shows directly who this product is for.