Empowerment is all about finding yourself, succeeding, and bringing out the best potential from within. Bringing these out on your own is difficult, and requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. But like many acts of criticism, evaluation, and improvement, empowering yourself can be easier when you see it in others. Coaching can be a fulfilling and empowering role to take on, and here is a short explanation of how.

Hands On Learning

As a Mentor, you can guide younger and less-experienced individuals in their role or activity. You get the opportunity to provide guidance, set expectations, and show the little tips and tricks that you’ve picked up. These little things can be empowering for both you and your pupil. They gain more confidence under your guiding hands, and you gain more confidence as you have the opportunity to show your expertise to someone close-up.


Being a successful woman means finding your independence and living it. You might think that coaching fosters a dependency, but you’d be surprised at how much more freeing it is to guide another through the learning experience. By being a coach, you pull another person out of the struggle phase of learning, and show them how to find an independent state of work on their own.


Coaching is about empowering others, pushing them to find their passions and guiding them to success in the field – bringing that to others can help you bring it to yourself. By teaching others, you’ll find a deeper level of confidence in your own abilities by helping others establish confidence in their selves. Being a Coach doesn’t require confidence, but it does require knowledge and experience- both of which will help you find your confidence.


I firmly believe that every woman should undergo a mentorship as they grow. In a world that is rife with dangers for young women, having a trusted older friend to guide you through the trying times of establishing yourself is invaluable for building a future. As you grow older, you’ll have earned a great deal of experience. Why not share with others in order to share with yourself.?