With the power of social media, photography is ever changing and ever evolving. There are many different styles and trends to keep up with if you are a photographer. Even the technology coming to camera equipment is moving quite fast. Here are some of the most popular trends in photography to keep an eye out on in 2018.

  1. Bold Color Palletts


In many ads for stores and brands, they are beginning to move towards single, bright colored ads. Simplifying the branding and advertising experience. Sticking to a strick tricolor or bicolor scheme in magazine ads are there to boldly grab the reader’s attention.


  1. More Authenticity

With this oversaturation in content, branding, and extreme marketing in our culture, more authentic images are beginning to be more popular. Whether it be low-quality, DIY content, “real” images are gaining popularity while overly produced images are becoming less trendy.


  1. Diversity

In commercial photography, the demand for more diversity in marketing is quite apparent. A lack of diversity in 2018 can almost guarantee your business or organization to face backlash. There is a push to include all different types of people, not just white, attractive males and females.


4, The Power of Story Telling

Superficial nonsense will be digested well with audiences this year. Photographers need to share authentic stories or a story with a message in commercial photography. The ability to take a good photo has been given to the general public with the increase of cameras in phones. So the quality of the image is not as important than the story you need to tell. Commerical photography must engage viewers this year.


  1. Funny!

One of the simplest trends this year is humor. Humour is easy to sell because everyone loves to laugh. Geico is a company that has spearheaded humor in commercial photography and in their commercials. A good authentic, story that can make a viewer laugh is a formula that any photographer can benefit from.

Photography trends come and go quickly with the increased access to high-quality cameras in phones paired with social media centered around photography. Instagram is definitely pioneering today’s photography market.