They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but forgetting important equipment at a photoshoot can leave you and your client speechless.


In the chaotic world we live in, it’s easy to forget the obvious things needed to make your day successful. As a photographer, however, missing something on the checklist can cause a photoshoot to be delayed or rescheduled. Making a list of the essentials will help to keep you and your crew on track for a great day of shooting.


But just what are the essentials? When your job takes you out of your creative space or studio and onto the perfect location, the essentials are just about everything – and maybe a few things you didn’t realize you needed.



Make sure you have all of the lenses, power cords, and batteries that you need or think you may need should an issue arise. If you’re working on location with a client for the first time, you certainly don’t want to forget something as small as a change of batteries for your camera or your flash.


Besides the standard equipment like a tripod, backdrop equipment and support, and plenty of lense cleaning products, you should also consider taking a laptop. Working with your laptop and equipment outside of the studio can be tricky given that you may not have a close power source, so make sure you have all the memory cards and extension/power cords necessary so you don’t lose out on your work.


Protection From the Elements

So your sunny shoot is now a rain-soaked shoot. All is not lost if you have the right back-up equipment. Multiple umbrellas can absolutely save a shoot from a mother-nature-fueled disaster. Even if your subjects and models are in a dry place, you may not be shooting from a dry place. Be prepared, and always have rain-proof equipment packed away.


The rain isn’t the only thing that can ruin an outdoor shoot. Having a model, or you, swatting at mosquitos or visibly getting sunburnt probably isn’t the feel anyone would have been planning for. Packing some insect repellent and sunscreen will help to avoid all of this so you can focus on your work.


A Change of Clothes

If the above warning is relevant to your photoshoot, it’s likely you could need a change of clothes at some point in your day. Whether you’re sweating from the sun, getting wet from the rain, or shooting over a course of time where the weather changes from hot to cool, having a change of clothes packed away in your car or bag will keep you feeling comfortable and looking professional.


Remember, try to avoid bright colors such as reds, pinks, oranges, and neons. If you don’t, you could be spending a full night of editing removing the reflection of your outfit from an image.


Your List

Just because you made your list ahead of time to prepare for the shoot, doesn’t mean the work stops there. After you’ve listed all of the items you need, bring that list along to keep tabs on all of your cases, bags, and miscellaneous items that you’ve brought with you. At the end of the day, after you’ve successfully taken and returned all of the necessary items you needed for your photoshoot, you’ll be smiling more than the models.