The world of editorial magazines are filled with some of the best photographers in the world. Many young photographers grow up with commercial and photography in their brains without even becoming aware of it. Photography is a necessary aspect of any visual publication. You may wonder how many photographers got their start shooting for a magazine. Here are a few tips to break into the editorial scene.


Step 1: Portfolio

A strong collection of work is quite necessary to display to anyone that you have the chops and that your genre fits with their brand. It can be hard to get a break when most magazines like to hire photographers who have already been published. An easy way to overcome this obstacle would be to have a well-rounded portfolio that showcases your versatility.

As well, many magazines like to see both an accomplished physical portfolio as well as a strong online presence in regards to your work. A website or a built-up social media presence can open up opportunities and allow the general public to book you for various work. Workbook is a great site to network with photo directors, creative directors, and editors. An online network may not directly lead to magazine work but it can increase traffic to your websites that will, in return, build your credibility as a photographer.

The process of creating a portfolio should also come with the having a solidified process of shooting. From models to a make-up team, be comfortable with your process before you start reaching out for work in larger publications.


Step 2: Network

The next step after creating a full, physical and online portfolio, is to actually connect with the people who are in the industry you desire to be in. An assistant photographer position with a well-established photographer can lead to more gigs and more networks with people in the industry. A photographer’s career is not established overnight. It takes years of trust and credibility to breaking into the publication market.


Step 3: Perspective

A portfolio and network are crucial for a photographer’s career but what is even more important to recognition is a strong perspective. Your images should have a cohesive and subtle brand to them so anyone can look at your photos and recognize the consistencies across your work. It displays that you are able to have a keen point of view for your products.