Flowers are one of the most beautiful pieces of nature. They are vibrant, playful, and bring life wherever they are. Photos of flowers can be just as beautiful as the plants themselves. Here are some quick tips about shooting flowers and some of my own personal flower photography.


Technically Speaking

With flower photography, the subtle details show how powerful nature can be. One of the best ways to get started in flower photography would be to invest in a macro lens for your camera. This will give your camera that up-close touch that your images will need when taking images of flowers. A macro lens can capture the beads of water and the true color of the pedals.

An important setting that I recommend adjusting before shooting any part of nature or flower the autofocus. You should turn off autofocus and have confidence when focusing manually. The more confidence you have when shooting manually, the stronger the focus and composition of the image will be.

Another great investment for taking photos of flowers would be to utilize your tripod. A tripod will allow you to get that stability you need when getting the perfect shot.


Find Your Flower

The knowledge of the type of flowers you enjoy taking photos of will inevitably make your photography work stronger. When you enjoy the subject, it will translate into the image. My favorite flower to photograph is the bleeding heart flower but there are many other flowers that you can choose from wherever you may live.


The Bleeding Heart

My biggest recommendation when it comes to photographing a flower is to start with the bleeding heart. It has a lot of personality with a quite literal meaning. The way the blossoms dangle can give you incredible depth of field to work with to give it that wow-factor.

Here are some of my favorite flowers I love to take photos of. You can follow my Instagram at @juttacuratolo to see more of my flower images:



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