There are many popular camera brands within the photography industry that cover a wide range of consumers. Cameras are designed for users of all levels from ones who want an inexpensive travel camera to ones who are looking for a tool for their career. Different brands have multiple levels of cameras from basic to advanced. Whether you choose Nikon or Canon, there are pros and cons for each brand and model of camera.



Canon has various models and lines of cameras for every level of consumer. Canon is the market leader of point-and-shoot photography with their PowerShot model of camera. The PowerShot series are ideal for any small traveling camera you would like to keep in your bag.

The brand has models like the D series that are shockproof and waterproof that are ideal for outdoor travel photography. Canon has pioneered the affordable SLR camera market with their EOS Rebel series.



Nikon is one of Canon’s largest competitors when it comes to selecting an appropriate camera brand. Their CoolPix series goes toe-to-toe with Canon’s PowerShot line for the amateur photographer. In the professional market, Nikon’s D series is a well-respected line of SLR cameras. They also state that their cameras are water and shockproof.



Sony, the all around electronic brand company, offers more than just gaming systems and televisions. Cameras are also a big market for this electronic business. Sony’s CyberShot is also in competition with the amateur camera market. Yet, it does offer higher-end cameras but does that break into the well-respected professional market. Sony’s brand tends to hit or miss when it comes to the use by professional photographers. It’s latest Alpha A7R II is starting to compete with Nikon and Canon’s SLR cameras.



This brand is well-known in the film market but also in the amateur camera market. Fujifilm’s CoolPix is a great camera for the occasional photo-taker.  It has yet to take on the SLR market where Nikon, Canon, and Sony have dominated. Still, this camera maker still packs a punch in the cameras it does offer. It has just released the new X100F which is the company’s attempt to stand their ground next to Canon and Nikon.