There are quite different styles and genres in the world of photography. Some photographers shoot for fashion magazines while other take photos to document recent events in society. Whatever your style or voice may be, it is important to educate yourself about the other forms of photography the photographers use in the field. For example, aerial-drone photography has “taken off” within the past year. Many photographers only use their drone for their work. The following is a brief rundown on some of the different genres of photography.


The implementation of drones has definitely influenced aerial photography. Any image taken from the sky or from above the subject is considered aerial photography. French photographer and balloonist, Gaspar Felix Tournachon, was responsible for taking the first aerial photo in 1858. He took the first aerial image from a hot air balloon.


Considered one of the most popular forms of photography, candid photography is a form that anyone can start experimenting in. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, candid photography can create some exciting and impromptu images.


Fashion and photography have been a match made in heaven for a very long time. Photos capture the beauty of garments also can add context to the inspiration behind the piece. The photos are normally planned out and posed to perfection. They are normally quite editorial and graphic in their style.


This genre is dedicated to photographers who find their subjects outdoors. Whether it be an animal, insect, flower or a large mountain, nature photography captures the utter beauty of the earth we live on. From the grand views to the tiny moments that it makes it so fast, nature photography is there to make those moments last forever.


Both of these genres of photography are similar yet have their differences. Documentary photography is a form of art that focuses on a given subject and there is a story behind that subject. A photography general follows a given individual (celebrity) and photographs them naturally throughout their daily life.

Photojournalism differs from documentary photography in terms that it captures real events as they unfold. Whether a photographer captures images of war or beauty during a given event, these are photos we see in major magazines such as Time or popular news outlets. This genre of photography takes on a sense of social responsibility in sharing what is happening in areas that many can not see with their own eyes.