Nature photography is a beautiful facet of the world of art that shows how complex and organic the earth is. It is a wonderful moment when a photographer is able to capture a moment of nature’s beauty on camera. Photographing nature is not easy if you do not take the precautionary steps to set yourself up for success.



In order to come prepared, utilizing the appropriate research is key. First, find some spots that you personally find appealing to shoot at. It is also quite important to be aware of daylight. Photographers have to be mindful of the golden hour in a given location. The golden hour refers to the first hour of light that is produced by the sunrise and the last hour of light produced by the sunset. The general rule of thumb is to utilize the golden hour to the best of your ability to create stunning photographs of nature. If you are not sure when the sun rises and set in the area you want to visit, be sure to check out the sunrise and sunset calculator.



As well as scoping out the perfect location for your photo shoot, come prepared in terms of what to pack on your venture into nature. A tripod is always a smart choice when preparing for your photo shoot. It allows you to be flexible in terms of shooting and also diminishes the possibility of a blurry image.

Another item that would be a smart choice to bring along would be an outdoor lens. It allows for those true wide angle shots to have a sense of completeness. If you do not have a different lens, try adjusting the settings on your camera for outdoor lighting.

Also be sure to take care of the camera you are using while outside. Bring appropriate clothing that will allow you to get the best shots possible, as well. Never forget to always bring a lens cleaner cloth to ensure you never get any specs of dirt or dust in your shot.


ISO Settings

When taking photos in nature, it is important to adjust your ISO settings accordingly. It is generally good to get the lowest ISO setting as possible but sometimes it just needs to be adjusted. The more light available, the lower the ISO setting you can have. Choosing the correct ISO sensitivity is confusing at first but is easy to understand once you have the right tools.
These easy tips in nature photography will give you a smooth photo shoot with glorious photos to show for it. A little bit of research and preparation can go a long way when photographing outdoors. Be sure to create images that reflect the true essence of the subject. Most importantly, do not forget to enjoy the process of being outdoors and capture the wonders of nature.