There is never a wrong time to bolster the skills on your resume. Many employers now have automated screening in place to search for specific terms. When faced with numerous applications, many people won’t get past the first phase without passing these checks. This might happen without the job applicant even knowing about it. The best way to ensure you get to the next level of a job application is by having as many skills marked as possible. If you feel you are lacking in certain areas, there’s no better time to fill your skills toolkit. 

Skils are categorized into two groups: soft skills and hard skills. Hard skills are abilities that can be taught and measured, such as computer code, math abilities, complex writing, speaking multiple languages. On the contrary, soft skills are the traits that enable us to converse and work well with others, such as listening, getting along with coworkers, and communicating freely. 

Prospective employers have a steadfast list of the most important soft skills to look for. Therefore, applicants should at the very least have the following soft skills listed and they should be able to give an example of each to prove why they are well-founded: problem-solving, critical thinking, flexibility, communication, teamwork, organization, creativity, emotional intelligence, attention to detail, and responsibility. 

Regarding hard skills, it depends on the type of industry. If you are going into the Information Technology field, then you will get more attention by listing skills such as computer software and knowledge of applications. The more programming languages you know, the more valuable you become. Data analytics is also a very sought-after field, so experience with not only finding patterns in data but also knowing what to do with the results will go a long way. In the world of sales, the art of negotiation and having an understanding of mathematics will benefit you extremely well. People also need project managers, so any skills regarding business operations or management will put you at the top of the list. If you are looking for a job with marketing or advertising, those skills should definitely be listed, along with design and creative writing. 

Above all else, you should scope out the job description itself, looking for specific keywords. The employer is outlining exactly what they are looking for in the advertisement itself, so it’s logical to assume those are the skills they will be screening for when it comes to reviewing applications.