There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have to jump and cover to hide your face when someone brings a camera out. Some people are naturally photogenic and look effortlessly perfect in every blurry, poorly lit snapshot, but for the rest of us having our picture taken can feel like a humbling kind of roulette game. If you hate seeing yourself in pictures, never fear. There’s plenty you can do to subtly put your best foot forward when the camera is flashing.

Keep Moving

Have you ever stood waiting in a group short for so long that you can feel your smile freezing on your face and your lips going numb? That fakeness shows up in the final photo, making you look lifeless. You can beat the posing fatigue by keeping moving. Have you ever seen a video of a model posing while a photographer snaps shots? If you have, you’ll know she never holds still. Even when you need to be holding a specific pose, keep your position fresh by shifting your weight, rotating your hips and shoulders subtlety, and generally making sure that while you’re holding a pose, you’re never freezing in place.

Really Smile

Try to think of something funny, or even just fake a giggle to yourself. The movement on your lips shows and makes you smile look more natural and happy

Close Your Eyes – No, Really

Here’s another strategy: close your eyes in the interim and open them just before the camera clicks.

It’s All in the Tongue

Surprisingly, one of the most important and easiest thing you can do to become instantly more photogenic is to position your tongue by pressing it against the roof of your mouth, just behind your teeth. It seems simple, but this little trick does wonders to make you look natural and your smile relaxed and happy. It’s even slightly slimming for your face!

The Body Shot

Standing straight up and down makes you look stiff and wide — not exactly what you’re going for. Instead, turn your body slightly so that you are pivoted away from the camera, and then look back. It can be a small turn, but it makes a big difference. Put one foot behind the other and put most of your weight on your back leg. Point your front toe towards the camera. This position creates long, slimming lines and interesting depth perception the bring your image to life.

Best Face Forward

Always push your chin and head slightly forward, elongating your neck and leaning towards the camera. It might feel a little awkward, but it looks great from behind the lens!

Think Angles

A downward angle is most flattering, so whenever possible make sure that you are slightly below the camera lens. If the photographer is shorter than you and you can’t sit down, don’t give into the temptation to look downwards into the lens – it’ll make your eyes look droopy and half closed no matter what you do.

Want even more tips? Look amazing in pictures!